FAO and PNUMA participate in launch of e-book on urban afforestation

FAO e PNUMA participam de lançamento de e-book sobre arborização urbana


This Friday (11), at 2 pm, the launch of the e-book “Green Urban”, the first of the series “Me, the environment and you”, will bring environmental and socio-environmental themes and is linked to a project that born with the philosophy of collaborative creation, conceived and led by biologists and researchers Maurício Lamano Ferreira (UNASP), Alessandro Zabotto (PNUMA) and Fernando Periotto (UFSCar).The main objective of the book is to support people’s approach to nature.

The e-book is supported by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the United Nations Environment Program (PNUMA), leading agencies for the Decade of Ecosystem Restoration.

“By supporting the launch of this e-book, we reaffirm our commitment to continue working to ensure that biodiversity and ecosystem health are increasingly integrated to contribute to truly sustainable agriculture and greener cities,” explains FAO Representative, Rafael Zavala.

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